Dear Cirque San Jose Family, 

I am delighted to be running Circus Summer Camps even during these unusual times. YAY! We are gonna have SAFE DISTANCE FUN !

Based on the latest SIP guidelines we are making modifications to our program. We will be following the guidelines and keep modifying as they change. We are hoping that during the summer there will be more options to return to our usual activities. And MAYBE an outdoor day later on in the summer so parents can see from a safe distance how much their child will learn this year!  Our 2020 circus staff is made up of all returning teachers from years past!  We are all so happy to be working together again this year and to welcome back all the familiar campers who keep returning for a Summer Circus reunion! 

As of the current May 4th guidelines, we will need to scale down and limit the number of campers. We also need to adjust the activities. 

We will be operating 3 groups of 12 kids in 3 separate areas, each group of 12 kids will have 2 teachers and an assistant. The groups will stay the same through the whole week or session (same kids and teachers). 

We will easily be able to modify our activities to follow the Government Guidelines.  We will not be able to do any activities that require contact or sharing and exchanging objects such as circus props. We will also not be able to offer partner acrobatics or aerials until Government Guidelines allow us to do so. 

We will provide each camper with A “Prop Box” and their own sanitized props to use throughout their camp session. 

They will not be allowed to touch each other's props or exchange them. Their individual props will be kept in a labeled box at CPAA center throughout the session that they are registered for, and will go through sanitation at the end of each camp session.

We will need to purchase enough props for each child in camp. For that reason, we will be charging a one time fee of $25 for each session for the props. If your child will be doing several consecutive sessions you will not be charged again and your child will be using the same designated props and “Prop Box” through the session. 

Campers also have the option of purchasing and bringing your own props  with you. If you do, they must be kept in the “Prop Box” that we assign to you and must be put away after each use so that no one else touches them.

We will be doing warm up, strength, conditioning and stretching exercises. 
We will be doing a lot of juggling and props by ability - poi, scarves, balls /  clubs juggling, diablo, plate spinning. 
We will be doing stilts and globe walking. Please bring your own knee pads if possible. Any soccer style knee pads would be great. Please mark them. 
Please bring a bagged lunch and a water bottle. Please mark your items so they can be identified. 
We most likely will not have a show or any demonstrations this year, at least in the beginning sessions. 

Drop off/Pick up - our staff will meet you outside to sign in/bring your child out. Please make sure to maintain at least 6 ft distance from others. If your child is older and has a phone, please call them and let them know you are waiting outside so that we can officially check them out of camp and walk them to the curb. 

Please help us maintain the guidelines of physical distance so that we adhere to the county instructions.  We know everyone may not be of the same mindset regarding the guidelines that we must follow in order to have camp. 

BUT, We are going to make sure your kids have a great time!

In spite of everything, we are determined to do our best to make sure your kids have a wonderful and productive 2020 Circus Camp Experience! 

Wishing you all health and prosperity. 


Cheryl Taylor and Cirque San Jose Staff